Why does the Académie de la Grande Chaumière stay closed ?

12 Jul 2020

Dear Participants,

Many of you have been asking when the Académie would re-open.

Here is some information :
The Académie de la Grande Chaumière is one of the activities of the Académie Charpentier, a higher education school, preparing students for entrance exams to art schools and training future interior architects and designers.

As such, we are not allowed to open to the public until September. To this day, the Ministry of Higher Education has not yet announced any specific date.

We will inform you of the re-opening date as soon as it is made official, and of the conditions under which the Académie can resume its activities, in accordance with the health directives that will prevail then.

Until then, we shall continue to offer you remote life drawing sessions, that have brought a lot of satisfaction to many in France and abroad over the past few weeks.

We are going to spend the summer together and we are putting some nice surprises together for you!!

Thank you again for your loyalty.

Serge Zagdanski

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